Friday, March 3, 2017

READ: Beginner Classical Piano Music

Let me just preface this by admitting-I am not musical AT ALL. The only experience I've had with instruments is the recorder in second grade (along with 90% of America). I got this book in the hopes that my daughter would have a broader musical experience than I have. It is amazing! No experience is needed as far as reading music, etc. The lessons are very much taught for beginners-it's not one of those books that claims to be for beginners but then goes completely over an amateur's head. The bullet points make it easy to read and I love the embedded video links-they're included in the corresponding section of the book so it's very easy to go back and forth. The first section is all about learning the basic concepts and section two actually goes in to learning the various songs. The graphics are clean and easy to look out-students would benefit from printing them out to refer back to while at the piano.

The videos are taken from the pianist's perspective so the student knows what their view should look like at the piano. They are paced very well-I never once had to go back because I got hung up on a point. There is also no limit to the number of times you can watch the videos so you are always free to refer back to them. I highly recommend purchasing the kindle version of this book for the corresponding videos. This is the first kindle book I've purchased that is interactive like this which only enhances it.