Sunday, February 22, 2015

LIFE: February Happenings

I feel like normally we're the most boring family so I don't normally do these posts but I was going through my camera roll and just had to share some pics!

Jason had his first "official" drill weekend! I use the quotation marks because he went last month but they sent him home after a couple of hours because they didn't have gear for him yet. It's a bit of an adjustment for him, being used to the Marine Corps- he was surprised they didn't ask him to wash the parking lot! It sure is nice seeing him in uniform again though! 

Tino and I did alright by ourselves but he sure was glad to see daddy! We made sure to buy a Keurig before he left  (Jason is the barista in this marriage) so I survived!

My Valentine's gift! Rose gold per my current obsession! 

With Valentine's Day falling on a Saturday this year, I told the hubs not to worry about getting me flowers- half the fun is showing them off to your coworkers! He wrote me a letter instead which is way more romantic! 

The weather has been SO nice here this past week so we've made the most of it with walks and trips to the dog park! This is the view from the park.

Aaand this is the view from work. I may be counting down the days until I can quit but the location is pretty great! 

The hubs randomly brought these home the other day. Just because flowers are the best! 

A friend of ours told us about Tolmie State Park awhile back and we finally got around to visiting! It is literally less than 15 minutes from our house and is GORGEOUS! 

I honestly didn't even know we lived this close to water. It was so peaceful, I told the hubs I found my happy place. He'll definitely have his work cut out for him trying to get me to move away from here!

Who can spot The Mountain?

To the left of the beach are hiking trails. Is there such a thing as cute hiking boots? Even without the proper shoes, this workout was way more enjoyable than the gym! 

These boys have my heart. 

There was a huge log on the beach Tino hopped up on. I was trying to get him to pose...

Speaking of Tino, with Valentine's Day, it was also his "Gotcha Day"! I can't believe how tiny he used to be and look at all that brown hair! We sure love our little furbaby.

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  1. I have Northface hiking boots! They aren't necessarily cute, but definitely better than most!