Tuesday, February 10, 2015

BEAUTY: The Hot List (February Edition)

This is the first of these I've done this year! 2015 is going to be the year of change for us- the husband is officially back in the military- he's living his dream. Now it's my turn!

In order to do that...we have to get our debt in check! So I've tamed my Sephora habbit a bit, meaning I likely won't be doing one of these every month but I will do them periodically when I have enough products to talk about!

With dry Washington winters combined with my naturally dry skin, I've been wearing tinted moisturizer in place of foundation a few days a week and Nars is a favorite- while the color payoff isn't that of a liquid foundation its coverage is the best I've found for a moisturizer. 

Also for the face: Josie Maran's liquid foundation. I've been a loyal MUFE user since I discovered it and I still am! But it is slightly dry on my skin- meaning I have to touch it up periodically because I "glow". This one doesn't have quite the coverage but it's nurturing enough to my skin I still look fresh at the end of the day even without touching it up. I'll likely use this for my everyday makeup and use MUFE for special occasions. 

I've been intrigued by Kat Von D's makeup line since it came out. This is my first buy which, in all honesty, I only grabbed because of it's Spanish name. But it's great! Unlike Tarte's blush (which I have to practically scrape out of the pot), I just need one swipe of my brush and I have enough product. The color is brighter than I normally use on my cheeks but it looks pretty on my olive skin. 

Oh E.L.F. This line is famous for its dupes of high end products that often run around  $3. I grabbed their small stipple brush to help blend my under eye concealer. A couple weeks later, I grabbed another version from Sephora thinking it would blow E.L.F.'s out of the water. You guys, IT WAS THE SAME BRUSH. With about a $15 price difference. 

Also by E.L.F. - exfoliating lip treatment. This is all over Pinterest and for good reason. Just apply like lipstick and wipe off and voila!-lipstick ready puckers.

I've been hearing about Anastasia's dip brow for months. For some reason I couldn't fathom how using one product could replace both brow liner and gel. And then I used a tester. It's INCREDIBLE. You can build the coverage from making it look natural (me) to making it almost mask-like (er...dancers?). I do recommend also purchasing Anastasia's accompanying brush- I use the flat end to apply it and the spoolie to then comb through, distributing the color and making it look more natural. 

The last two items are both from Tarte celebrating their 15th birthday. I've been coveting both for their gorgeous colors for awhile and finally broke down and bought both. Love! The lipstick is not only beautiful and works for so many skin tones, it's really moisturizing too! I FINALLY broke down and ordered the palette the other day and can't wait for it to get here! 


  1. Please do a post about make up brushes you love! I need to gets some good ones but don't want to spend money on some I end up not liking.