Tuesday, January 13, 2015

HOME: Jewelry Storage

One of the benefits of where we live is how close of a drive it is to Portland. Where shopping. And no sales tax. The hubs hates Ikea because he thinks the furniture is cheap (meaning he doesn't want to put it together). And he's not wrong. But that's the beauty of it- I can change around a room without feeling guilty about the cost.

Another thing he hates? Putting holes in walls. I think a lot of it has to with how long he lived in apartments. But now we have a house.  That's ours. But anyway, he hates it. So I put the holes in our walls.

We got this rack from Ikea with the intent of installing it beneath our kitchen cabinets for coffee mugs. But ya know, holes. So I put it on our closet. I grabbed a pack of shower hooks from Target and voila! I could bring my jewelry out of the travel bag it's been in for the last year and maybe actually wear some of it now that it's in plain sight! 

This jewelry stand also came from Target- it was on clearance! Ever since our wedding where we had an arrow (and chevron!) on our invitations, I've had a thing for arrows. 

We're waiting until our March bonuses to replace our cheapo apartment dresser. These are two of my FAVORITE pictures of us- one from our wedding and one by my amazingly talented friend Amber. My aunt and uncle got us the happily ever after sign as a wedding gift and I love it here! The silver tray holds the hubs' watches and tie clips. 

More jewelry storage! I love the mirrored decor next to the purple walls and black furniture. 

More to come! Currently working on a project in our loft I'm really excited about! 


  1. I love that Tino is standing on the bed watching you lol

    1. Haha I wondered if anyone would catch it!