Monday, December 22, 2014

HOME: Decorating the Living Room for Christmas

Mine (similar), Tino's, Jason's

I have a confession to make. I'm starting to OD on Christmas songs.  Don't get me wrong, I still jam out to Nsync and Mariah with the rest of them. 


I started listening to my Christmas playlist the day after Thanksgiving while decorating the house-our first Christmas as homeowners! 

I may have gone  little bit crazy. But it's allowed right?

I have decided I'm going to start collecting nutcrackers. Wait until you see the one I put in the loft. 

The last two years I have made a garland for all the Christmas cards we receive. Just punch a hole in the corner of a card and string it on a ribbon, knotting it around the hole so the cards don't slide back and forth. 

And I just love poinsettias. Although apparently they don't survive very well outside in the middle of winter. Trust me on this one.

Our tree looked pretty sad there for a little while. It doesn't look anywhere near as lonely now! Though I do still have my eyes open for a nice tree topper. I want something more modern looking than an angel or a star...but I'm not quite sure what that leaves. But I'm willing to wait until I find something I love.

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  1. FYI be careful Tino doesn't get a Pointsetta leaf, I heard they are poisonous. Also I've seen people do big cutesy bows as tree toppers. I may get the motivation to try that next year! I love the Christmas card garland, I may have to do that next year too!!!