Sunday, December 7, 2014

BEAUTY: GlossyBox Review

Normally I subscribe to the age-old adage, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

That being said, this is a consumer review blog.

I was SO excited to learn about GlossyBox. Similar to Birchbox which I have subscribed to in the past, it is slightly more expensive but the products tend to be higher end and they even throw in a full sized product now and then. 

If only I had encountered other reviews before I plunked down $60 for a three month subscription. 

This post was written directly with you guys in mind in the hope of preventing you from wasting your hard earned money. 

I ordered and paid for my subscription on November 13. I received an automatic email shortly afterwards verifying my purchase. 

That is the last I have heard. It has been close to a month. 

So what is a beauty product hoarder to do? I reached out to customer service on their Facebook page as well as sent multiple emails to their customer service department (phone lines were closed.)

A few hours later I received a comment on my Facebook post requesting I send them a private message via Facebook with my order information so they can investigate. 

Ok, great. Maybe with it being the holiday season this was a fluke so I proceeded as requested. 

Three days later and I have yet to receive a response. To recap, it has been a month, they have $60 of mine, I have nothing to show for it despite my best efforts. It's clear they only commented on my Facebook post to make it look like they were rectifying the situation to the public. (I have since come across TONS of other negative reviews revolving around the same issue on their Facebook page.)

I have cancelled my subscription and am in the process of filing a dispute with my credit card company to try to get my money back. 

FINAL VERDICT: Don't waste your money, this is a scam. 

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