Monday, November 3, 2014

STYLE: Fall Obsession

It all started with a watch. The hubs and I recently celebrated our first anniversary. According to Google, first anniversary gifts are supposed to be "paper". Cue brain freeze. Between our CA vacation and our anniversary weekend spent in Seattle,  we decided to count the tickets we accumulated from playing tourist as the "paper" and buy each other something we actually wanted and would last for years. 

So away to Michael Kors we went. I originally wanted either a ring for my right hand or a bracelet...and then I saw this watch. The rose gold color caught my eye and it had BLING! (If you're interested, this is what I bought the hubs.) We plan to have them engraved at some point. 

So my rose gold obsession was created. You all saw I have a matching ring and bracelet on my Christmas list. 

I also had the Josie Maran Winter Dreams Collection on my list. Included in it is this rose gold eyeshadow. I was slightly skeptical of a liquid eyeshadow but I LOVE it. It has great color and once dry, this baby stays put.

I also love Natalia by Julep! Julep has quickly become my favorite nail polish brand and I already have two bottles of this color.

I also love these Sperrys and clutch by Tory Burch.

What rose gold products have you found?

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