Saturday, November 1, 2014

LIFE: San Diego

With the exception of our honeymoon, the hubs and I have never really been on an actual vacation. Sure, we've made trips to visit family but those don't count. 

So when my cousin announced she was getting married in San Diego, we decided to road trip down and make a vacation out of it!

We got some gorgeous snaps of parts of the US we had never seem before.

Does that pic not remind anyone else of Spaceballs? 

First stop once we got there- Mexican food! The Mexican here in WA just doesn't cut it (unless I make it myself of course). Fred's Mexican Cafe had great tacos and even better margaritas. 

We then stopped by the house my cousin's family was staying at and where the reception would be. How gorgeous  is the view of the Pacific from their backyard? ?

Dress: Mossimo summer collection 
Hat: David and Young 

The next day we stopped at the bay to visit the USS Midway.

Mami, me, the hubster, "G-ma", and Bob

They had a monument to the sailor kiss! Naturally,  we had to (sort of) reenact it.

After stopping at the hotel to freshen up, we made our way to the ceremony site at a park overlooking the ocean.

Then back to the house (mansion) to celebrate! 

How beautiful were the decorations? ?

The party took place at just the right time to watch the sun set.

The next day we headed to Coronado Island. 

We had lunch at the wonderful Candela's on the Bay with this stunning view and THE BEST steak tacos I've ever had. We went back for lunch the next day so I could order the exact same thing.

Then we went back to the house to hit up the pool and soak up some more of this view! 

Tino loved it here! He went for his first swim in the pool and loved playing fetch with whoever was willing.

Coronado day 2. The hubs and I went back to enjoy the beach and have some alone time.

Then we had fun walking around the bay and checking out all the cute shops. We were sad it was our last day enjoying the sun and company of family.

The trip home was slightly more eventful- we stopped for the night in northern California. The hubs was unloading our car and witnessed a car robbery! We saw them catch the guys a couple hours later outside the hotel. But besides that it was a wonderful trip with many great memories! The only thing we didn't do that we wanted to was to visit Camp Pendleton/MCRD San Diego where the hubs did boot camp. I guess that means we'll just have to go back...

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