Saturday, October 25, 2014

HOME: Upstairs Loft

Well, it's official guys.  The hubs and I have officially been together for a year! We may no longer be considered newlyweds but I do take some comfort in the fact that as I sit here typing this with a mud mask on my face and hubby napping in the next room, he has never witnessed any of my "maintenance". All waxing, masking (I invented that word), and plucking is done either when he's at work/the gym or sleeping. Gotta keep the mystery alive, ya know?

One of the first things that sold us on our house was the loft/bonus room upstairs-even when it was still under construction! Even when it's rainy and cloudy (which never happens in Washington) this room gets so much natural light from all the windows. 

Because we haven't yet done any painting in the main rooms, I'm bringing in color from our furniture and decor. While downstairs is all brown/black/gray with pops of red, the loft is my rainbow room. This is where I'm incorporating souvenirs and pictures from our travels.

We do have a TV on the wall opposite the couch (I'm planning on doing a feature wall there-hopefully more to come soon!), this is primarily my reading room so I want this to be where my imagination runs wild!

I picked this end table up on clearance at Target. It doesn't look like they have it anymore but here is a similar one.

I love these custom state prints I got from As You Wish of places we're from and have been. I'm planning on ordering California and Washington soon!

Ever the willing model, Tino had to join in once he saw me snapping pictures!


  1. I love all the color! I'm going to have to get that table for Harper's nursery!!!

  2. So colorful! Can't wait to see Virginia up on that wall! ;)