Thursday, October 2, 2014

BEAUTY: Target Beauty Favorites

My idea of heaven is a Starbucks Frappuccino in hand and a $1,000 Target gift card in my wallet. 

One time I brought the hubs with me on a Target run and it was the worst mistake of my life. 30 minutes and 30 bucks later, I walked out a complete grouch.

Normally I go for the purpose of, like, shampoo. And then I wander and grab. Ooh closet organizer, yes. Ooh cute sweater, yes. Oh yeah, I meant to grab a new picture frame, yes.

In my particular, I always like to browse the beauty aisles. While the typical drugstore brands like Cover Girl and Revlon are carried, I more commonly look at the Target-specific brands such as Sonia Kashuk and Pixi. 

The majority of makeup brushes I own are Sonia Kashuk. For the price, they are great quality. I've never had one shed and they clean nicely. 

This combination brow liner was the first Pixi product I bought. I hadn't used a brow liner before and didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on a product I wasn't sure I'd even use. Now I'm pretty sure it will be the only brow liner that I ever use.

I think one of the themes of this brand is multi-use products. I was so intrigued by their eyeliner, I grabbed one in black, one in olive green, and one in plum. I'm kind of neutral on the liner-it goes on lighter than I like- but I love that there's a built-in smudger and eyeshadow crayon-I usually go over the liner with the crayon. 

Regardless of whatever kind of lip gloss or lipstick I wear,  I always wear this underneath it. It goes on super smooth and is completely moisturizing. And it's $2.99

I LOVE this crayon. One side is a slightly matte cream, designed to go on the inner corner and bottom  of your eye. The other side has more of a shimmer for underneath your brow. Both go on great and I feel like this will last me forever. 

What are your Target faves? 


  1. Oh, Target...I love thee so. But yes, taking the husband with makes it far less enjoyable. Yes, hun, I just want to slowly wander through EVERY AISLE. Sorry, but not really.

    But on the topic of makeup, is there an eyeliner you'd recommend? I currently use one from Smashbox and it goes on thick, dark and smooth, which I love...but before long, it's faded and smudged and I get very annoyed. I could live without all other makeup if I HAD to, but I neeeeed my eyeliner!

    1. I feel like for eyeliner, I always go back to Clinique

      I like more of a gel format because I feel like it goes on easier. Makeup Forever is my absolute favorite brand right now-their liner is a bit dry for my skin but you might like it! And I definitely suggest using a primer...Which I thought was a waste of money until I used one. I love Too Faced's Shadow Insurance