Friday, October 3, 2014

BEAUTY: September Beauty Favorites

I am $13 away from reaching VIB  status at Sephora. Do you have any idea the amount of self control I am having to practice? Sure $13 isn't a whole lot of money. Except I know it won't just be $13. I'll have to grab Dior's Lip Glow which they finally released again in Coral. And I'm still looking  for a good highlighter for my skin tone and I reallyyy  want to try this kit from Becca. Let sigh. Next paycheck. 

First up this month is MUFE's HD Microfinish Powder. This baby is my secret weapon. I brush it on last in the morning and it instantly softens my entire look.  I firmly believe the#1 rule of makeup is blending and this is a great product to do that with. I recently attended a beach wedding in SoCal in 80 + degree weather. All I did was blot with an oil blotting sheet and brush this baby on and my makeup looked good as new. 

Alterna is a brand I hadn't heard of until I got their CC cream as a sample with a purchase. I used it once and ordered the full size the next day. It makes my hair nice and silky, even in the dry Washington weather. This has become a hair staple for me. 

I have had a love-hate relationship with primers. I understood their benefit. I have used them and instantly seen a difference. Until a few hours later when my face looks super shiny. As I've previously mentioned, I have super dry skin that tends to over produce oil to compensate. As a result, come lunchtime and my face feels really tight and dry...but looks shiny. This primer was a god-send. Unlike most primers out there, part of its function is to provide moisture to the skin. I have definitely noticed a difference in how my skin feels, as well as how long my makeup lasts, with this primer. I will no longer be experimenting with other primers!

Ever since I first heard about it, I have been skeptical of the Beauty Blender. I mean, what's so special about a sponge? Omggg. I now use the large pink one to apply both my primer and liquid foundation and use the mini green ones for my eye primer and under-eye concealer. Yes, they're pricey considering they're little sponges, but they're so, so worth it. 

Happy October!

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