Saturday, October 18, 2014

BEAUTY: October Favorite

So I only have one favorite this month. I know, I know, what's wrong with me? (Side note: I'm currently waiting for the 500 point gift options  at Sephora to improve.)

I actually bought this a couple of months ago but wanted to give it some time before I posted about it.

Thanks to some lovely genetics, I have been looking for an under-eye cream to combat my dark circles FOREVER. I have found a few decent ones (Clinique's Even Better Dark Circle Corrector and Lancome's Visionnaire come to mind) but because the cause of my problem is genetics, rather than lack of sleep, nothing made a huge improvement.

So I did some research. I checked out Sephora's website and sorted their results by "top rated". I was slightly skeptical when this came up, simply because there is nothing about dark circles in its name! But per its description, it "immediately lifts while it firms, reduces under eye puffiness, and minimizes dark circles." And that it does!

After just a few weeks even the hubs commented my skin looked lighter (I think he was also relieved it no longer looks like he gave his wife two black eyes). And even though my eyes weren't really puffy or wrinkled, I have noticed increased firmness.

The only negative I would say is that this stuff stings if you get it in your eye! That being said, I'm the clumsiest/least patient person alive so it's possible that may just be my problem.

Also, how cute is this packaging?

But considering the results, I'm willing to endure 30 seconds of minor pain. I recommend this product to anyone with those pesky genetic dark circles! 

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