Thursday, September 25, 2014

BEAUTY: FYI Brush Sale!


My idea of heaven is a Starbucks drink in hand while wandering Target with an unlimited budget.

I mean they have EVERYTHING - cute clothes, furniture, food, and makeup. I'm not a huge fan of drugstore makeup; in most cases I firmly believe  you pay for quality. However Target has some great  exclusives with designers in which  you can find a good balance of quality without hurting your checkbook.

I've had some great luck with Sonia Kashuk. The makeup brushes I own are almost  exclusively from her line. She has decent  nail polish and I used her tinted moisturizer  for awhile before I found this.

That's why I HAVE to let you guys know about the following deal Target has going on right now. Sonia Kashuk set of 15 makeup brushes for $39.99!! Some of her brushes can cost over $20 a piece which is still a steal compared to some of the $50 brushes you can find at Sephora. I'm for sure picking this up tonight from the store!

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