Thursday, August 28, 2014

STYLE: August Beauty Favorites

I used to hate Sephora.

I know right? I was an Ulta girl all the way. The year we lived in Florida, I would just order all my makeup online from either Ulta or directly from the brand (Clinique at the time). Once we moved here, I discovered my love for Sephora at the Tacoma mall.

I LOVE Sephora.

I recently discovered (by virtue of google) that if you ask them for a sample…THEY GIVE IT TO YOU. *Mind blown*  

So I have really weird skin. I’m mixed so most brands don’t even have a shade that looks natural on me. I also have uneven skin tone. I’ve always thought I have super oily skin and have used the appropriate products for that but nothing ever worked the way I thought they should. Only after moving to dry Washington did I learn that I actually have really dry skin that simply overcompensates by producing more oil.

I've been wanting to try Makeup Forever’s products forever. I feel like every makeup tutorial I watch uses MUFE foundation. Buuut it costs a pretty penny. So the last time I was at Sephora, I mentioned I wanted to try it but didn’t want to commit to a $42 foundation. The sales associate gushed about the foundation and promptly whipped me up a little sample of it which lasted close to a week! I also got a sample of Urban Decay’s BTS mascara.

I tried both items as soon as I got home…and promptly ordered them online.
As helpful as the sales associates are at Sephora…I love ordering online because A) you can find discounts at sites like B) you don’t get sucked into those products right next to the register and C) FREE SAMPLES!

Seriously though, the foundation is AMAZING. It has buildable coverage so you can use as much (or as little) as you want. It completely evened out my skin tone and I love that it doesn’t make my skin look oily. Used with the powder foundation, you get flawless coverage. I use a Beauty Blender for the liquid and Kabuki brush for the powder. I will say that both products can feel slightly drying but by using my moisturizer in the morning and night and spraying MAC Fix+ throughout the day, it looks flawless until I take it off at night.

Finally, after YEARS of searching for a foundation that works for my skin tone, my search is over. I will never even experiment with other brands of foundation!

And this mascara. I have my grandma’s long/thick eyelashes. I have a love-hate relationship with them. I love playing them up but if I sleep on my stomach (which is you know, every night), I wake up to crumpled eyelashes.

I have been using Lancôme’s Doll Lashes since it came out and loved it-I never even experimented with another mascara. They did a great job lifting, lengthening, and thickening and more than one time I had been asked if I was wearing fake eyelashes (never have). This is like Lancôme on crack. Lashes are longer and thicker than even what Lancôme did. I will say the large wand takes some getting used to but it is so, so worth it.

So those are this month’s favorites! I have been to Sephora more times than I’d like to admit this month so I promise to have more fun stuff next month!