Tuesday, July 1, 2014

House Update: Entryway and Kitchen

Where has the month (year) gone? I can't believe the hubs and I have been married SEVEN MONTHS!

If the home buying process has taught me anything, it's that I love my husband. Really, I do. But I wish he was just a touch handier around the house.

But alas, relationships are about give and take. He washes the dishes, we call someone to plan/repair/build.

Anyway, let's go inside shall we?

Wedding album: Shutterfly

Kitchen before:
Almost there...
Pendant light shades: Home Depot

For the bar, we updated the pendant lights so they're more in keeping with out color scheme. We added hardware to the kitchen cabinets; we hope to eventually add crown molding to them.

I also did a small project repainting the bar stools (you can see a peek...you know,  under my gym shoes) with Americana chalk paint. Have you guys used chalk paint before? It really was easy though I wish they would have come out a little more glossy.


  1. I loooove your kitchen. I want to see more of your backsplash! Looks kinda subway tile-like?

  2. Yes-white subway tile. Check Instagram!