Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beauty Review: Julep Maven Box

I have a confession to make.

I'm a hoarder.

I don't hoard animals or newspapers or anything like that. No, I hoard...nail polish.

Bright colors, dark colors, metallics. My husband claims in the five years we've been together, he's only seen my bare nails in five minute increments of time. You know, the five minutes between when I take my nail polish off and put a new coat on.

I came across Julep from those annoying ads on Facebook that tell you all the random pages your friends like.

Similar to Birchbox, Ipsy, and GlossyBox,  Julep's Maven is a monthly subscription service. For $24.99 a month, you get a $40 worth of polish and other beauty products. When you first join, you fill out a questionnaire that places you in one of their beauty profiles. Each profile has their own selection of products for each monthly maven box. Unlike other subscriptions, you preview your monthly box and have the option to either opt out of the box or select one of the other beauty profiles' box.

My Maven style profile is "boho glam". For my June box, I chose the "classic with a twist" box.

In addition to the nail polish, also included was their Body Milk. I added on the Clean Slate nail polish remover wipes and corrector pen. The Body Milk lotion is really is moisturizing without being too heavy for summer. And it smells great! Both Clean Slate products work really well.

And of course, the nail polish! I am loving the bright colors for summer. In addition to the two beauty products, two of the polishes came with the box. Two were "add-ons", the other a gift for adding so many add-ons.

Overall I love Julep's Maven box! It's a lot of product for the money and their polish is amazing! Everyone talks about brands like OPI but I find Julep to last much longer than all the other brands I've tried. Their selection of colors is ridiculous and their other beauty products are great as well.

Check them out!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

House Update: Entryway and Kitchen

Where has the month (year) gone? I can't believe the hubs and I have been married SEVEN MONTHS!

If the home buying process has taught me anything, it's that I love my husband. Really, I do. But I wish he was just a touch handier around the house.

But alas, relationships are about give and take. He washes the dishes, we call someone to plan/repair/build.

Anyway, let's go inside shall we?

Wedding album: Shutterfly

Kitchen before:
Almost there...
Pendant light shades: Home Depot

For the bar, we updated the pendant lights so they're more in keeping with out color scheme. We added hardware to the kitchen cabinets; we hope to eventually add crown molding to them.

I also did a small project repainting the bar stools (you can see a peek...you know,  under my gym shoes) with Americana chalk paint. Have you guys used chalk paint before? It really was easy though I wish they would have come out a little more glossy.