Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Top FIVE Favorite Pinterest Recipes

Back when The Hubs was still known as The Boyfriend, he was living halfway across the country in Florida while I was finishing up my Bachelor's in Illinois (Go Redbirds!). It was extremely rough but the one thing that got me through those lonely nights...was Pinterest.

I credit Pinterest with turning me into a cook/baker, planning our wedding, and decorating our new house. Every time The Hubs asks me what inspired a recipe/wedding project/decor idea...Pinterest.

I'll admit it can be a lot to sort through...I've had pins on my profile I haven't even looked at in two years. The following are my five absolute favorite recipes I've made (multiple times) from Pinterest.

This meal has joined the weekly rotation in our house. I substituted frozen corn for peas (we were out) and make this with some sauteed chicken and garlic bread...mmm! I could live off of this meal daily...you know, if calories didn't count.

Fall is the perfect time for soup and anything pumpkin flavored. This recipe, from Skinnytaste, delivers on fall flavors, it's super easy...and it's healthy! Who knew that was possible?

Speaking of pumpkin, this is our FAVORITE Pinterest dessert. My husband-a complete nutrition/exercise junky, requests this dessert on a monthly basis. It's super easy and has few ingredients. I make homemade whipped cream rather than use cool whip. And it's even better the next day.

Brown Eyed Baker quickly became one of my favorite food bloggers thanks to Pinterest. These brownies-equal parts cookie dough and rich, gooey brownie-are among her best.

Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas...In my family, forget about the traditional pies, cakes, etc., we have to have banana cream pie among the options. Traditionally we've always had store-bought...no longer. This was one of those recipes after I made it the first time and had a sample bite (baker's prerogative), I couldn't believe I made it! I substituted the vanilla wafer crust for a shortbread one and homemade whipped cream (seriously it's super easy-whip some heavy whipping cream until it peaks and add powdered sugar to taste) for Cool Whip. I can't wait to make this again once summer is here!

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