Friday, January 17, 2014

Buying a House Part IV: Signing vs. Closing

So you know how in House Hunters they show families signing all the closing documents and being handed their keys right away? Yeah, apparently that’s not how it works-in the state of Washington anyway.

Miracle of all miracles, we received notification that we’re able to close on our house TOMORROW! Woohoo! So I am sitting at work all excited, about to submit requests for time off and the hubs texts me that our agent advised we likely won’t be receiving our keys until Tuesday…what?

Apparently, tomorrow we will be signing our closing documents.  Once the documents have been signed, the escrow officer (who knew so many people were involved in this process?) sends them back to the lender for review (Because Chase hasn’t reviewed this loan enough…). Once the lender signs off, escrow hands off (possession literally) the documents to the county for recording. This process normally takes 24-48 hours. Grrrr! Please note that this process is apparently unique to the state of Washington. Once recorded, funds are transferred to the seller and the house is actually considered “closed” and we can FINALLY take      of the house.

Due to the amount of headaches we have had throughout this process, we’re trying to do everything we can to get keys in hand tomorrow evening. We’ve both already taken two days off (out of three) when we were originally supposed to close a couple of weeks ago and it was pushed out at the last minute. If we could take possession tomorrow and spend the weekend moving in, that would make lives SO much easier rather than taking 1 day off in the middle of the week and having to get everything done that day.

Stay tuned…

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