Friday, November 29, 2013

So We Bought a House...

The other day I received a text message from my bank saying my checking account (which had a balance of $0 as I was about to close it) was SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS. Someone had used my debit card information to pay their insurance premium-to an insurance company I had never had a day in my life!

The hubs and I (after a minor freak out on my end) went to the bank to clear it all up, and in the process got to talking to the girl helping us about starting to look around at houses. She mentioned it might be a good idea to talk to their loan officer to get pre-approved for a loan that way we would know what our actual, rather than estimated, budget would be. Brilliant.

The loan officer was super nice, the wife of a retired solider. She got us all the information we needed and recommended her realtor to us, a retired solider of Puerto Rican decent from Chicago who specializes in VA loans. HELLO, it's like Jason & me combined. So we met with him, super cool guy who spent several hours walking us through the process and educating us. We ending up making plans to casually look around at houses the next day simply to get an idea of what area would be perfect for us.

Casually looking, ha. Do I do casual looking?

Of course the first house we saw I fell in love with. We looked around at different houses and different neighborhoods for a couple hours but nothing compared to that first house. The neighborhood was just the right size, all new construction (the one I loved is still being built), prime location for me working in DuPont and Jason working in Tacoma.

So we decided to sleep on it and our realtor and we went our separate ways for the day. And I couldn't fall asleep. Every aspect of the house just kept running through my head. Ultimately we decided the house is perfect for us and gave our realtor the OK to start the home buying process-more to come on that in a later post.

Want a tour?

Front of the house. It's still under construction so the posts on the front porch are temporary. The house looks greener in this picture-it's more of an olive green that looks gray from a distance. I wish it was more of a neutral color...mainly because I REALLY want a red door. But it's cute and I love how it looks! It has character.

It's a real fireplace!! The cutout above is for a flat screen (and is even wired for it!) In the future, I would love to put in short built-ins beneath each window.

View of the kitchen taken from in front of the fireplace. HUGE island/bar faces out to the living room. The first doorway there is for electrical stuff (don't ask me...), the second is the downstairs half bath. To the left of those doors is the entryway.

This is probably my favorite feature-the bonus room/loft upstairs. The house is a three bedroom but the tradeoff was this space here. We plan to put a desk in front of that half wall (where the stairs are) to be Jason's office area. TV/entertainment area will take up the rest of the space.

Another view of the loft taken from in front of the half wall. I'd LOVE to put a window seat in front of that window and some small shelves in that gap area for DVD's, etc. TV/entertainment center will go on the wall.

One side of the master bath. This is where the shower will be next to the soaking tub. Opposite this wall will be double sinks (relationship saver!)

No picture of the bedrooms...because right now they're just boring plain walls.

And that's (most) of the house so far! More pictures & updates to come.

Homesite #9 (Top left)- SOLD!

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