Monday, October 28, 2013

I'm Married!

Or maybe I should say we're married...

After almost two years of waiting, the (now for real) hubs and I are hitched! We're on our way back from Cancun (seriously, in-flight wifi is awesome) and I thought I'd touch on some of my favorite highlights from our wedding.

The crying
It might be weird in including this but A) my dad did not cry (at least while he was with me) which absolutely saved me from crying and ruining my makeup. There were bets going on in my family regarding when he would cry because let's face it... Papi is a teddy bear.

After threatening the hubs that I would turn around and walk back down the aisle if he did NOT cry... He teared up as I reached the altar. Score! So I remained in place and the ceremony continued ;-)

After doing so well at not crying ALL day, at the end of the night my uncle of all people made me bust out in tears!

Jason's letter
My husband, God love him, is not a writer. At work, he has me proofread his emails and let's not get started on how much I helped him with his papers in college. Really, he's not one for communicating his thoughts and emotions in either written or verbal form. Which is why I couldn't believe he not only had a card for me the morning of our wedding but an actual hand-written letter as well. He passed both off to our wedding planner who gave them to me in front of one of the photographers. Needless to say I pretty much bawled my eyes out.

A thoughtful gift
One of my bridesmaids made us a glass ornament containing paper from all our wedding-related stationary: wedding invitation, rehearsal invitation, shower invitation, etc. Her husband even saved a ribbon from our exit wands that we can hang the ornament with on our Christmas tree!

My dancing marine 
The hubs in his dress blues doing the Gangnam Style dance. End of story.

Sibling bonding 
The brother was awesome this past week. I when the family was stressing me out, he pulled me aside (maybe slipped me a shot too) and gave me a pep talk. At the end of the reception, he pulled me aside and told me he was proud of me and loved me.

Exiting in style 
Hot off of pinterest, we did a sparkler exit leaving the reception. I can't wait to see the pictures! We also walked across the street to our hotel and several people yelled out congratulations which was a great end to the day!

Best man's speech 
Jason picked his best friend since junior high to be his best man. They both enlisted in the military together (BM in army) and actually ran into each other in Iraq., and shortly before BM's convoy hit and IED, injuring him and earning him the purple heart. Seeing someone with a similar military-esque personality as Jason showing emotion is always emotional for everyone else.

Mommy and me time
With all the wedding-related errands and projects to take care of when we got into town, my mom and I spent a lot of time together which hasn't happened in probably over a year. It meant a lot.

We had guests travel from Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Arizona, and and Hawaii, among other states. Everyone who was meant to be a part of our day was. I it means SO much to us having people in our lives willing to spend the time and money to be a part of our wedding.

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