Monday, July 29, 2013

We're Moving to...


Jason got an offer for the Team Manager position in Washington! It's been a rough couple of weeks playing the waiting game-he was supposed to hear back last Tuesday...but then we heard nothing all week! But bright and early this morning, he came over to my desk at work and gave me the good news.


We should get more information regarding the relocation benefits but essentially...we get to move for free! And we get a house hunting trip with expenses paid in the next couple of weeks. It's so nice to know we won't have to pay a small fortune like we did when we moved down here.

His new job will start September 30-two weeks before we head to IL for our wedding! We sure like to do everything all at once-we got engaged the DAY before he moved down here.

I submitted my application for the exact same position I'm currently in but in WA. I feel pretty good about my chances but I was really hoping to not have to interview all over again. Oh well- it's a good problem to have.

How does Tacoma compare to where we live now?


Population: 200,000 vs. 34,000
Number of Targets: 5 vs. 0
Number of Starbucks: 17 vs. 2
Number of Malls: 1 vs. 0
Number of Libraries: 8 vs. 1
Dominating Political Party: Democrat vs. Tea Party

Score: Tacoma-6, Florida-0

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Favorite Wedding Sources

We’re officially less than three months from the big day! Still no word on anything from the prior blog post, but no news is good news right? Supposedly (I use that term loosely), we’re supposed to hear back either way by the end of this week…

In order to avoid thinking/stressing about all of that, I thought it would be useful to put together a list of all my favorite wedding sources.


We used them for our save the dates and were very pleased with the results. This site is MUCH cheaper than Wedding Paper Divas and I thought the quality was similar. We spent about $30 for 50 save the dates!

Paper Source 

This website sells every type of paper and stationary you could ever need. I ordered inner and outer envelopes, envelope liners, and mats for our invitations. The quality of the paper is fantastic and they had the exact sizes and colors I needed. And I loved that the invoice they put in the package was signed by the person who put it together. They had great customer service (plus they have a category just for chevron)!


This site can be hit or miss as you don’t actually order from the site-you order from individual vendors who hand-make what they sell. I’ve gotten some great personalized gifts and handmade wedding d├ęcor I wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. The one drawback is that it can often take several weeks for you to get your order as most vendors do not make the products beforehand.


This one probably seems obvious, but how the heck did people plan weddings before pinterest?! I love that I can post all my ideas on here and they have even created “secret” boards so people can’t take your ideas! Our wedding planners are also on pinterest, so they can see everything I post so they know exactly what I like.

The Copy Shop

We had our wedding invitations (designed by my AWESOME friend, Rachael) printed here as well as table numbers and some other stationary for our reception. They have both printing and design services. They were FABULOUS at making sure they knew exactly what I wanted. They are based in Illinois but were really great at corresponding via email/phone with me in Florida. And the total price tag was better than I expected!

The Knot

They have all sorts of of tips on wedding planning and etiquette as well as a wedding shop but the feature I like the most is their website tool in which you can create and customize your own wedding website. The tool is easy to use and our website looks great!

What are YOUR favorite wedding planning tools?