Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Few Good Men (and Women)

The other night the soon-to-be-hubs and I had a rare date night and saw Zero Dark Thirty. It's a movie I knew he wanted to see and I always have liked military movies.

To me, the movie really drove home the commitment not just our men and women in uniform, but members of the government, have to make in order to keep our country safe.

There is a scene right before the SEALS are about to leave on their mission where the guys are just messing around-tossing a football back and forth, betting on a game of horseshoes. They're just messing around like a normal group of guys, not even concerned about the pending mission.

Now I don't know about you, but I would be scared shitless! This scene not only drove home the difference in personalities between service members and civilians but the amount of hard work and training required to go into a fight like that and be completely confident.

When hubs and I first started dating, he had been out of the military for a couple of months...and I felt like I owed him for all the sacrifices he'd made. I tried to never cause a fight because I felt like he didn't deserve it. Now I have no problem getting mad at him but I still feel like he is the better, more selfless person due to the sacrifices he's made for a country that by and large, doesn't care.

The fact that he's willing to go back and serve for far less money than we're both making right now, speaks levels about him.

I know we both have a difficult road ahead of us but I consider myself lucky and honored to help him on this journey.

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